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Carina E Kudos Locking Wheel Nuts


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Hi Folks

Bought a Carina E Kudos estate a few months ago, and have just dicovered I don't have the key to unlock the locking wheel nuts on the alloy wheels which were standard on this model. I have the key to unbolt the plate which covers the nuts but not for the 1 locking nut on each wheel. The locking nuts have 3 round holes in a trianglular pattern on the face of the nut, which doesn't look too complex a lock, but I called local Toyota garage and they say unless I have the code (which is helpfully printed on the key) it's £40 for a new set of locking nuts and key and 1-1.5 hours labour to hack the old ones off. This probably comes to 1/3rd of the value of the car just to be able to get the wheels off.

Anyone got any better ideas??


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perhaps did not explain myself...A monkey wrench will grab the free outer and then squeeze that against the inner...this will enable you to twist them off. Obviously they are not that good to re use, but you achieve your goal. It works, honestly...ask the AA man.

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