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Hello, I have a 91 Toyota Carina Auto Exec. When the engine is warm/hot and moving slowly or coming to a stop frequently (say slow moving traffic) it often cuts out and sometimes won't re-start for a few moments. Often there is a very quiet click after stalling. My research so far suggests ignition module in the distributor, the ignitor unit (is that different to the module?), or, less likely perhaps, a stuck choke or vaporising fuel. Any confirmation or other suggestions very gratefully received.

Many thanks

Neil C

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The Ignitor unit in the distributor does give problems(expensive to replace),so would start with the basics first :

Carry out Compression Test - it's pointless doing an Engine tune if the compressions are down !!

1) Check and regap/or change the spark plugs.

2) Check the HT Leads.

3) Check/adjust Ignition Timing.

4) Check/adjust valve clearances.

5) Check vaccum pipes on carb/inlet manifold for perishing/splits.

6) Check operation of PCV Valve on Rocker Cover.

7) Buy a tin of Carb.cleaner(aerosol) and with the air filter off,clean carb. air horn,choke butterfly+linkage and choke body.

8) Check air filter element and refit - reset idle speed and Mixture.

Process of elimination at the end of the day.


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