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Lowering Springs For My Rev1 Turbo


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Hi shaun, you shouldn't have rubbing issue's with 16's, mine are 17's and don't rub and my car sits about 50mm lower.

I have Pi springs on mine and i paid around 80-90 for them, excellent performance and not too harsh on bumpy roads

If you can't find them for that price let me know :thumbsup:

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cheers lads thanks for the help, the pi ones sound good, do they do any other ones but 50mm do you know? only i dont want to compramise the handling by going to low. was it you jesus that i was talking to at jae? about those rogue fan kits?

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Mine sits 50mm lower because i fitted rev3 springs which are shorter.

The rev 1 lowering springs will drop it 30 - 40 max, the car will be much better to drive and handling will be massively improved from the edgy rev 1 handling.

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