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Aftermarket Seats For Turbo? Help? :-)


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Hello !!

I am very new to this forum, so take it easy on me.

At the moment I have a Mitsy FTO (heavily modded running NoS, Veilside kit etc etc) however after three years of ownership am selling and getting a MR2 Turbo and going the whole hog by getting the full 355 BAD conversion done (can not wait!!) - Before the FTO I owned a UK yellow MR2 for almost four years so can't wait to get back to Toyota ans esp try out the turbo model - I don't know what to expect as I thought the non turbo was quick...

Anyhow a few quick quesitons:-

Anyone on here running NoS (wizard kit) and had any problems against the MR2 Turbo (prob about 50bhp jets)?

Anyone on here fitted aftermarket seats (ie OMP)? Where can I get the subframe to fit this or other (ie COBRA?)

What's the best mod advised for increasing bhp in the turbo (ie remove CAT+full zorst or is it chip and up the boost).

Any help is very appreciated!!


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First of all welcome to the club, think you'll find us a friednly bunch of peeps and great choice of car :D :D :D

Second thing.... I know it's personal opinon if you like speed, handling and driveability of your cars (which from previous post you do), please, oh please, oh please do not put the Ferrari kit on the car, it kills the MR2's handling (fact) and brings the MR2 into the tacky market (opinion). There are so many monster bodykit's for the two it's not difficult to be unique and stylish without ruining the car, if you could be persuaded post a reply and I'll try find some links for bodykits....

50Bhp jets on the 3s-gte engine shouldn't be a problem as it's a bullet proof engine....

best upgrades for the turbo would have to be in this order...

1) Exhaust - Mongoose or Blitz Nur Spec

2) Induction Kit - Apexi, Blitz or RamAir

3) Unichip - Remappable Piggy Back ECU, don't want to teach you to suck eggs but make sure all mod's a re done before chip to save re-mapping it.

3) alloys - Wouldn't go bigger than 17's although personally prefer 16's

4) Suspension - Blistein,Eibach or Koni's

Erm, sure theres more but will think and post later.....

This will start you off nicely :)


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Thanks for the information about the mods.

That's amazing information about the 355 conversion, I had no idea (or really thought) about the handling aspect of the car. Have to say though, my jaw hit the floor when I saw one at a car show not too long ago. I know it's not everyones cup of tea but it's something I find too tempting not to get - although will have a good think as the total conversion is about £8000..

I go to Crail 1/4 mile from time to time, so the NoS will be great in the turbo, only used on rare occasions (whilst in the FTO I use it all the time to keep up with the faster cars!) -

Can't wait to have a shot in the Turbo, was just about to buy a Supra but decided going back to the MR2 was the better choice.


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The MR2 is a great car and there is so much you can do to it for extra power depending on your budget....

If you want a very rare bodykit that will really turn heads on the MR2 and is also like rocking horse :censor: why not consider the MR2 2000GT Wideboy kit

Picture here.

The wideboy is a stunning kit and very, very rare to find an original :)

There's just to many kit's out there available but the Ferrari conversions kill the car....

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I agree with Rhaines, the Ferrari bodykit may look good, but it does kill the car's handling. Since you've no doubt bought the car to drive, not look at, I would look around for some more subtle bodykits. For example, Bomex do some lovely side skirts, which really enhance the visual apperence of the car, and if you go to www.Revision6.com you will see some stunning rear lights.

Also if you want to upgrade the engine power, again it's all about drivability. Personally I wouldn't go above 300-350bhp, since any further increase requires tricky heavy duty clutches which are completely impracticle for every day driving (they're either engaged or disengaged, there is very little in between), and the car become pretty unmanagable at anything over 350bhp without serious suspension modification.

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  • 2 months later...
best upgrades for the turbo would have to be in this order...

Get good spark plugs, dizzy cap, rotor .. FCD and then G-valve.

18" rims on the front are too big, 17's on the front and 18's on the rear look the best ..

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Major handeling problems, and may even be problems with alloy/suspension contact.

I have had to put 6mm spacers on the fronts to bring the 17's off my coilovers as it is.

Also 18's just look too big .. :lol: I want a subtle car :D

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Listen to rhaines, the ferrari kits a waste of money, and if you pull up next to the real deal your going to get laughed at!

I had the pleasure of seeing a 2000GT in the flesh last weekend, and of course took some pics...




pics took at the http://www.neweraimports.com bash :) full gallery here http://www.biggaybear.co.uk/Menu/billing/billing.html

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They do look the daddies .. Veilside looks too busy on a MR2. The car is too small. Border is another that really needs to be a wide body kit.

I saw the full TOM's kitted MR2 at JAE, I'd actually parked next to him for most of the Saturday. SO JEALOUS !!

I think the TOM's kit is still the best for the car without going widebody. Even got a few pics of a spider (mk2 convertable) with a TOM's kit :drool: the baaaaallax

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Well welcome to TOC Buckie.

As the opinion says - please do not go near a Ferrari kit.

We had a massive thread discussion on them a few weeks back and if can find it in General Discussions then you can see some pics and read some more opinion. But it looks s :censor: t.

There's loadsa pics of mr2's in the gallery to give you ideas if you like - take a look.

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