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Little Update...


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Right got my Scooby seats installed today, they look pretty good, although they were a ***** to fit apparently. They are going to ruin the console with the handbrake (as they are wider than standard seats) but i can easily pick up another one when i get round to selling.

Anyway, whilst car was being sorted, i went and bought a Pioneer DEH-P7700MP headunit. It's a nice unit, and does everything i need it to (for the time being. However, when I installed it into the car, and switched it on, put a CD in, there was no sound coming from it. I used an ISO lead adaptor to connect it to the OEM leads, and have uprated Pioneer Speakers in the front and the rear. Soes anybody have an idea why there is no sound? or i'll be going back to the shop tomorrow...

Oh and pics to follow tomorrow...PMSL at my HU installation ;)

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Ok well here's the pics as promised;

Scooby seats:



...and my kick ***** HU installation....


I swear though it's just a temporary installation till my new bits arrive from the UK within the next couple of weeks :lol: :P ;)

EDIT: Also got the HU sorted after the previous problem, turned out it was a naff unit. Guy in shop said i didn't wire the Speakers up correctly. Strange though that when he tested it in the shop it diodn't emit any noise then either... :lol::rolleyes:

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Nice seats just shame they arent in an Sti. Also are they the alcantra trimmed ones as they are well nice. be careful about your head unit as its an easy steal at the moment so just watch yourself! But yeah im impressed! shame about the Sti stitching though but i suppose it doesnt matter as atleast your not trying to make your yaris out to be an Sti! Though that i would like to see! :D

congrats :D

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KOTG, Yup, it plays AAC files, MP3's, WMA's and normal CDs. It's a damn nice unit! And yes, Woody27, they are the scooby seats with alcantra trim. They're nice seats, howver, the foam is starting to give in a bit on the drivers side, where I get in, so may take that to be sorted in the near future. Cheers for the comments guys, much appreciated :thumbsup:

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