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Been looking into getting a new phone after recently dropping mine, wet sand and phones dont mix well :lol:

anyways, as im sure u are all aware there are hundreds of phones currently on the market, the s700i has caught my eye for a number of reasons, its different, offeres what im looking for, picture quality is one of best at the mo, 1.3 meg pixels.. has any on here got one or experienced them, only seen one up close briefly so would like to get the opinions of someone who has one!

if not any other phones which you would recomend, currently have the nokia 6230

cheers all :thumbsup:

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Dont know what the s700i is like, but i have just bought a nokia 6680 and its a brilliant phone, the amount of features it has on it mind boggling, and the picture quality is very good too plus it has a large high quality display. It might look a little big but its very light :thumbsup:

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yea i heard they were limited, i dont know the deal havnt questioned it tho altho i know my mate just got one so who knows!!

its just the whole swivel thing and large screen that caught my eye

im tempted with either this or the new k750i

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I've got the k750 and its a mint phone, the pictures are amazing and apart from it being a 2 Mega pixel camera it has two LED's for the flash where as the s700 only has the one. You also get a radio with RDS too, not sure if the S700 has that?

I think that is the only difference between the two

The one thing that turned me off the S700 is when you want to write a text you have to open the whole phone......and it's huge!

Dont know if you have come across this site but its well worth the visit as it has some sample photos!


But the choice is yours :yes: !

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You may not really be interested in getting one, but I've just got an MDA Compact (better known as the iMate JAM). Its about the size of an iPod (it actually feels like a phone next to your head rather than a housebrick and you can hold it comfortably for hours whilst you talk) and is more a PDA with a phone crammed in there than a phone that does PDA stuff.

I've had it a few weeks and am really impressed, it has a few niggles, but a bit of work on the users part can get rid of these. And I unlocked it within a day of getting it as the program to unlock it is freely available on the net. I can reccomend this any day especially if you use a PDA.

My last phone was a SE Z600 BTW, great phone, but considering it's a clamshell it is surprisingly chunky.

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cheers for all the advice people

that imate jam looks funky, bet it costs a bit tho, will look into all the suggestions people have made tho  :thumbsup:

I got my MDA for £69.99 on T-mobile. For some of the more expensive contracts its free. Ornage do it now as the M500, but it's more expensive than the T-Mobile.

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