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hello im new :o and im looking at getting an mr2 in the next 6 weeks or so.

im looking at a 2.0 GT for about 3500 and ive checked the threads about buying these but im not sure what revisions were when and what i should be looking for....

also are there any decent websites

AND finally is there anyone here who is 21 with NO noclaims (urgh) and a 2.0 GT and how much do you pay. cheers!


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me being stupid but is a SW20 the same as a mk2?

also i thought for mk 2's there were three types :help:

pre '94




im not goin for a turbo unfortunately. cannt afford insurance just yet :arrgg-matey:

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ok bit dopey as just woken up (don't ask)...

SW20 is the mk2 model number, AW11 is Mk1...

Rev 1 90-91

Rev 2 92-93

Rev 3 93 -?

I'm pretty sure that's correct !!

There were minor changes between all the revisions, therev3 and later cats all had the same NA and turbo engines which were more powerful.

I wouldn't worry about going for a turbo, NA's are great fun and you'll still love it to bits, only thing I would say is make sure you get a t-bar !

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cheeyars. im looking for a 94+ i reckons. well we'll see what comes up! B)

For £3500 you'll be lucky to find a 92+ thats in good condition. It is one of the problems in the MR2 that there are a lot of dogs out there and not all have been looked after as well as they could have been.

Where about in the country are you ?

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Model History

Apr 1990 MR2 Mk 2 mid engined rear drive Coupes: MR2 (`cat', 119 bhp), GT and GT T-Bar (both 158 bhp): 5-speed gearbox (optional 4-speed Auto on 119 bhp model), independent suspension, disc brakes. Equipment: sunroof (targa-style removable roof on T-Bar), electric windows and mirrors, alloy wheels. T-Bar has leather trim.

Mar 1992 Revised range: new frontal styling, 15" alloy wheels, uprated suspension and brakes. GT and GT T-Bar models now have 154 bhp engine, `cat' and variable-rate PAS.

Mar 1994 Revised models launched in UK with uprated 173 bhp high-compression engine, side impact protection beams, improved suspension, ABS, restyled rear spoiler and rear lamp clusters.

Feb 1996 Limited edition (of 250) `10th Anniversary' GT T-Bar launched in UK. New price £23149. Used and Trade values approx. 5% higher than standard GT T-Bar.

Aug 1996 Revisions: 168 bhp low-emission engine, heated mirrors, green tinted glass in place of blue, driver's airbag.

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got put a link there, i'm a moderator, granted i never moderate anything nor did i help set it up as i don't understand anything about computers and their programming and operation.

but get on well with the site owner and people on the site, it's a good little site and as you said will be better when it properly takes off and more members start posting. :)

so come on people log on and use it regularly :) :) :)

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I think if your going to list MR2 sites it would only be fair to mention a couple....

Most established and informative I would have to say is IMOC, based at either www.imoc.co.uk or on yahoo groups as IMOC-UK or IMOC-UK-CHAT, MR2DC, MR2ROC & MR2OC.....

Can't be doing favouratism....

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yeh that would be greatly appreciated rhaines. im up headington so not that far at all. :thumbsup:

Am up in Headington quite regularly as it's the closest Optimax station....

At least when you get it you won't have an excuse for not filling her up with the best fuel :P

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Not just Jap cars buddy! nooooooooooooooo!

My old Volvo T5 got an extra 15BHP from Optimax. you could feel it if you ran two tanks of 95 ron and then switched to 98 ( optimax) as its the only true 98 ron fuel I am aware of. Made a big difference. I mean it was like adding a bleed valve to eh Wastegate actuator! that good ;)


Ps. DOn't cane me for having owned a Volvo, it was a one off and at least it put down 240 BHP!

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