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User Manuals For Sony Headunits


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i need a users manual for units sony xrc850rds and sony csx88eq , anyone have them or can some clever or bored surfer find them for me , i have looked but can't find anything anywhere.any help greatly appreciated.


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Try this link Sscroll to the bottom of the page and highlight those letters at the start of your units

Don't know how legit this guy is but it may be worth a try (you have to donate to a charity) :thumbsup:

Hope this helps :)

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self opinionated as usual  :yes:  :thumbsup: also no help at all as per. :lol:

But I'm sure it's what 99% of Sony owners have done ..

(the other 1% got another Sony and then had to take that back too)

I've been Alpine for the last 3 years ..

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whoopy da.i asked for help finding a manual for a headunit, not a recommendation of what you have bibbs , if you cant help say nowt .be a super moderator and do your job , dont slag off other peoples purchases

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