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Cam Belt Needs Changing, And I'm Scared!


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Hi all. the Cam belt needs changing on my 1996 Celica GT. I've been given a frightening quote of tttttttttthhhhhhhh(sound of mechanic breathing thru his teeth!!!) "around £350". I thought this was well steep, and not sure what anyone else has paid. Does anyone out there have a rough idea on what this should cost me? Even better anyone in East Yorkshire area know any good Toyota garages where I can get it done?? Happy driving! CB :help:

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Whatever you do replace the hydraulic tensioner if there is one on your model. My cambelt was done about 10k before I purchased it and 20k into ownership the F#$KIN thing let go... snap crackle pop... thank god Toyota had the sense to make a non interference engine :D

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