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Woohoooo! Nice Day For Working On The Cars!

Karma Supra

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Yet another cracking day for working on the cars!!

The other day I finally properly installed my new JDM rear tail lights (were meant to be on for JAE but parts never arrived in time) I had to poull out the drivers seat, carpet and rears seats to fit the boot release mechanism.... but its all done now and I have had a change to clean it all up.. What do you reckon folks??


Also done a full Oil flush and change... sort the suspenstion to come up with a nice handling set up.. that can actually get over speed bumps!!! (before it was grinding out on reletively flat roads... :ph34r: )

Have I been doing the "heavy" work on the car that actually needs it?? will my blacck TT be on the road this year? -probably not.. but the grey one is clean and I'm off to the pub.... :lol::thumbsup:


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Nice! :thumbsup:

Been a beltin' day here as well used that there Meguirs polish stuff that smells great (use it for deoderant when I go out :P ), only spent 2 hours on the valleting though 'cos I wanted to chill in the sun with a bottle or two of red. ;)

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Looking good karma :thumbsup:

yes it would have been a good car valeting day but i went out to a meet

instead.............much better day for driving than cleaning :D

kimi x

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