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Reverse Parking Sensors


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Has anyony fitted any of the parking sensors kits that are going on e-bay. I am interested to know

1) if they work as described and

2) Do the sensors follow the slight curves of the rear bumper of the Rav4

I had them on a previous car and they really are a great worthwhile extra


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I'm pretty much in the same position. Identified several Rav4's with sensors fitted, with one in each corner bumper directly and centrally above reflectors, one on "hood" of number plate light (to the right hand side) and one in the lower plastic part of door near hinges. The worst part will be getting the wires for the sensors on the door over to the main body. I contacted a company http://www.parkingsensors.co.uk/comparison.asp regarding which type was best and they recommended the Veba sensors. I've bought some but not fitted them yet as I want them colour coded. Plus I'm not too happy about putting 22mm holes in my new car, but will get round to it when I feel brave.

I have seen a Rav with just 2 sensors (located in bumpers), but due to the angle of the bumper, these did not face directly backwards. Don't know if they worked or not as the driver wasn't around.

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Seem to recall some the Lexus guys fitting a system that used a foil type stip behind the bumper instead of drill sensor holes - wonder if such a strip could be mounted in the tailgate plastic lower edge ? - just a thought ...

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I, too, considered the strip type.

However, I think the overhang either side of the tailgate would "fool" it and the actual corners would be completely unprotected. So, unless one is in the habit of reversing directly into things (ie, not at an angle) it would be of limited value.

Two sensors, one at each corner, would seem to be the best home-fit compromise.

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