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Hello All


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Hello everyone! :thumbsup:

My name is James and I am JJ's (aka JaydanWilde's) cousin :)

I am nearly 15 and was just interested in joining up to the forums as I love the MR2 and the Celica :)

Obviously I cant drive yet, but I cant wait, and thought I would get in there early ;) hehe

Looking forward to perhaps coming on a meet with JJ some point in the future and meeting some of you :thumbsup:

See you around!



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alright :thumbsup: welcome to the club.. u have good taste in cars :thumbsup: start earlys best altho in a sense a lot harder, as u still have a while off till u can learn and even longer till ud be able to insure either of them.. im just impatient and dont like waiting for things :lol:

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Welcome to the club James  :thumbsup:

Must admit I've never heard of this JJ fella you're on about (must be another newbie ;) )


You forgotten me already Les? :P

Time for another 'descend on Sproatley for a BBQ' session ;) lol

Oh and hello James hehe :D

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just call me galski, short for demagalski which is my surname, its polish american. :) :thumbsup:

theres probably loads of jameses!! :P

if you pronounce my whole surname right then your absolutely amazing. hehe

see you all later!!!

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I love all of ur cars and hopefully get to see them soon when i stay with JJ!! I'd love to have a celica or an MR2 when i can drive.

I have done a bit of driving where we have an alotment, can't get out of first. We have got a renault megane scenic and a fiat punto, not bad cars but they don't match toyota's!!! :thumbsup:

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Ta, never had 1 before so it was very weird, had to drive 10 miles home not completely aware of what was going on (I know, I know, but I had no choice - it's not something I'm planning on doing again) & all I could think about was throwing up. I got home, threw up, went to bed, stayed there for about 2 days & now I feel better.

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