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Im thinking of totally bringing my website which has been static for a good three years fully up to date and possibly re-vamp it too.

Thing is, do you guys think it will get much use? The reason I ask is simply because I dont want to put time and effort into it if no one is visiting it or even interested.

It would be nice to get the forum rolling again too, used to be quite a busy place at one time.

I've got tons of material to go on, including DIY guides but need to know it will be of use to someone. I was wanting to make it a resource for all 4AGZE related items.

I would also like to add more 3SGTE stuff but my knowledge here is limited (Sorry Dawesy - will give you a call over the weekend mate).

Jon (AE111SR), could you please drop me a quick message with contact details? Just wanted to catch up with you, hope you are well.

Anyway, just a thought, its just a shame all this material is not being utilised.


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Easy nad,

I remember finding your site in 2002 and found it very informative, was amazed there was a community realised it was'nt only me who loved the gti including ae82's, 86's, gxi and so on!!!

I thought the website was gone until I saw your message massive respect and please bring it back need that stuff bout rear calipers it's mot time next week.

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nad think it would be good to bring it back. it is a good source of info for ppl who are or have done a GZE/GTE transplant (and there are a few)

if you need anything from the 3S front just let me know.

as the rolla is in bits i may take photos of things like engine mounts etc to help ppl who want to do a conversion.

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Bring it back Nad!

I was a regular visiter back when I was dreaming about 4A-GZE's. I remember being in awe of your last update about the Twincharger setup, back in APRIL 2002 mate!!

Definitely desirves to be brought up to date. If you spend the time doing it then you will be rewarded with ****loads of visiters and forum members.


Jon B

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