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What Would I Need To Flush My Locks And Handles?

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most people splice two wires (one for + one for -) into the Battery loom and run them down the inside of front bumper, so that if your Battery goes flat u can just grab a slave Battery pull the wires down from under the bumper, and attach them to the slave battery. then you can open your doors again! :yes:

not a big fan of de locking personally, seems like a bit of a pain in the *****.

bcoz if u think about it if a theif wants to get in ur car hes left with 3 options,

1 smash the window, ......windows are expensive and costly to replace

2 screwdriver the lock, ......less expensive, sometimes the lock can be repaired, but at worst u'll need a new lock and a key for it.

3 bend the top of the door out and unlock it by hand. ..... most expensive to repair

but if u remove the locks the theif can only use the two most expensive methods to get in your car. rather than just damaging the lock.

thats the way i look at it anyway. :wacko:


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