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My mk1 has had a rattle for some time now - i presumed it was heat sheild rattling - havent been able to locate the source though

It only does it at 1500 revs and then stops when i rev it higher

I heard somebody saying that mr2's are well known for developing a rattle but that its got something to do with bearings? :unsure:

Now i dont know enough to know whether this is true or false

does anybody else have a similar rattle - i know most on here are mk2's but has anyone heard of this?

surely if this wasnt just a hea sheild then the rattle would be happening all the time and not just at certain revs?

T x

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OR the back wheel could be loose.........Joke !

The rattle is more than likely a heat shield, it only happens at a certain rev range, as thats the metals size and shape osilating frequency (i sound really sad now !!! :D :P ) ie the right vibration speed to keep it vibrating.

any faster / slower vibrations just dont keep it constantly rattling

I wouldnt worry too much as said !

OR....Remove the heat sheild (and drive to see if it still happens) then tighten them up and see what its like then

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its most likely a heat shied bent or loose as mine was doing the same a few weeks ago.........revin it 2500 it rattles and higher it stops.... but got it sorted from a garage and it was bent and loose and they bent it back and tightened it and it was fine. :thumbsup:

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I have a rattle... it behind the dash tho... grrr... somewhere behind the driver's side air vent methinks... it irritates me as it starts up about 3-4k revs....

Sounds like yours is a heatshield thing Teegs... :thumbsup: good luck with that

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Hi tegan

Is it like a vibrating sound from inside the car? And the higher the revs it dissappears?


no jerry it does sound like its coming from outside the car - i hear it more when i open the window etc

its too 'tinny' to be a a bearing. just REMIND ME when im available!

Okay i will do :P

But thanks for the replies everyone - i had myself thinking i was looking at an expensive bill :unsure:

but the noise is very tinny and it sounds like a common problem - its just so annoying :angry: people look at you like your car is knackered! :rolleyes:

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