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Paseo In Max Power

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How would any of us sophisticated beings know what was in Maxpower. We are all too busy reading GQ and Horse & Hound. And then we would nip out for a spot of grouse shooting and Polo with a few Pimms.

Ya Ya Ya, pass the cucumber sandwich Jeeves old chap.

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Yea its ok isn't it!

For anyone who's interested, X-Racing have e-mailed me & said they are making that front bumper for the 2nd Generation Paseo!! :thumbsup:

Might have to start saving as thats the best front I've seen on a Seo.

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Hi all, my name is Andrew and im from Nottingham. although i dont own a car at the mo im intending to get a 2Gen Paseo for my 1st car :P i couldnt help but notice the topic as i brought the max power mag the other week and i noticed the car init aswell and i thought to myself :censor: i got to get me one of them with the body kit :P

well heres the pic of the seo every one is dying to see apart from the peeps who have seen it already, but to the people who havent. Take precautions you dont foam in your pants :lol:


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Hi Andrew - welcome to TOC. The Paseo boys are probably at JAE still but they will be well chuffed you are joining their ranks.......

Your pictures are not showing up.........

Visit TOC everyday mate and stay in touch with the goos and info.

Check out GOLD MEMBERSHIP information and you could well benefit from mad discounts in the future....


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