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Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear Indeed....


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Can someone tell me what it is? I can't access Ebay at work :(


A picture really is worth a thousand words :D But he has done a good job of trying to make a Volkswagen Scirocco look like the Deloren DMZ ;)

(If you dont take into account the PC motherboard stuck on the back or the plastic cups on the side :rolleyes: )

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What a complete pile of !Removed!! I'd love to hear the conversation with his insurance company...

"It's a Delorean back to the future replica"

"It's listed as a Scirocco"

"Well yes, but its silver and it's got loads of plastic cups and stuff on the back..."

"Riiiight, ..................."

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He's got a sense of humour though. Wonder what the reserve price was.

This one's at universal studios.


The Doc next to it stands completely still until people go up to him to see whether he's real or not. Then scares the living daylights out of them. He'll probably give someone a heart attack one day though.

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