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Toyota Lucida


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Hi I am hoping some people on here could help.

I am after purchasing an imported Toyota Lucida or Emina. Before I do I have been trying to find out what the expecting MPG Performance would be I have been searching on the net for estimates and so far found a cross reference of about 23 for the Previa upto 33for the Emina and anything from 20 upto 37 for the Lucida. Could anyone here please inform me what the average MPG I am likely to get on a Motorway run with average speeds of around 75mph?

Thank you for your time.

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Hi mate and welcome to the club. I used to have an Estima 2.2td and couldn't fault it for comfort practicality and equipment level but I was dissapointed by the fuel consumption.

My wife used it for work mainly, lots of short trips and we filled it up with camping equipment etc a couple of times a year which is when we appreciated it most.

We sold it in the end because we could not justify the expense of everyday driving around town I.E. Average 22-25mpg with a maximum of 28mpg if you were really careful on a run without too much gear.

I was warned the same as i am warning you but decided to give it a go.

I do not regret the time we had it (approx) one year and enjoyed the comfort and space and practicallity. They are great vehicles and we didn't lose anything in depreciation as we shopped around and had a good deal.

In conclusion, although the fuel economy is not as good as say a 1.9td Galaxy or similar and you can afford to run it, you will not find a better mpv on the market that offers the amount of space and equipment as the Emina/Lucida.

Happy shopping


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Hi Hunter

Agree with Gareth's comments, very heavy on juice around town but I did manage to get 12Km / Litre (about 34mpg) on motorway runs with the family on board. Overall though a brilliant bus but expensive on diesel.



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Hiya I get about 27mpg from the Emina 2.2Td - we have the aircon on all the time

well i think you all had something wrong with your cars then

i went on holiday and zero the clocks and filled it to the nearest litre then when it was empty i filled it up again and callculated it at 36.72 mpg which means that i was pushing over 40 to the gal on the motorway :eek: and that is the truth,the reason some pl get poor mpg is coz they need servicing at reg intervals

hope it heled

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i just purchased a lucida and averaged 8.5km/liter of diesel. Traffic is the culprit. with an average of 28kms per day..the bus is always filled with 8-10 people. always with aircon on. its a good thing that we have free 10-20liters of diesel every month to compensate with it.. my family would not trade the comfort that it gives than with our last bus which is a 2.0 petrol, sits 12 but not as comfortable as "lucy".

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