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Pics Of My 2 :-d


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Guest rev3turbo

mirrors, take the tweeter cover off, it just pulls of, then u will see 3 screws they hold the tweeter in and mirror if i remember correctly, some people say these screws are tight but mine came out easily, then un-clip the wiring to them, also remembering properly it is behind the door card.

Body mouldings, as long as there are preped an painted properly there shouldn't be a problem.


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Thanks I'll give that a go with the mirrors, could I just clean them down with t cut then spray them as they are already red?

As for the trim what preperation is needed on them? Im guessing rub them down with wet and dry then primer and spray them? Is it better to do them on or off the car?

thanks again :D

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The sony one? simple open it up and put 1 finger from each hand on the sides of it then pull down, it has grooves on the side for grip. Sorry its hard to explain you'll understand when you do it.

When its off it should close itself then just push the screen onto the radio to put it back on.

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