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Need Help With Audio Problem

Pete XT4 D-4D

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HI All,

I'm in need of some help and advice with my audio system. I have a full screen Nav, But the audio controls at best are poor.

I've decided to fit a graphic to the system. The graphic is a kicker KQ9.

It has both low and high speaker inputs on it.

I've idented all the correct speaker wires on the rear of the head unit, Paired them up left and right and used these as the low input to the graphic.

I've then used the graphic out puts back to the speaker loom.

Once turned on, i can only just hear the music if the head unit is set to max.

Can anyone help with this problem.

Does anyone know if Toyota fit an amplifier further down the line and thats why i'm getting a week signal from the head unit.

Also should i try an inpendance converter from the head unit speaker out puts to allow a high input to the graphic.

Any help would be appreciated.

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i'd risk and plug it to other set of inputs on eq... with volume turned down to zero at the beginning, of course, and then slowly get it up. the biggest problem with modern navi/audio setups is that you cant get any info on what and how the factory installed and there arent any dealer/service people who can help you out either. let me know what happens.

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hi mate

not an expert...just tinking.... it aint got fader controls that need adjusting like? I was wondering, but do equaliser have the ability to send out an amped signal? or do you not need to have an amp on the "out" side of an amp anyway?

i had a toyota full screen navi unit and like you got fed up with the audio - but needed to keep the navi - so i stuck a sony 1DIN unit in the ashtry bit!

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