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Fao Earlp


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:D HAHA whos the best team in Sheffield? hahahah Wendys bottom Blades (the legendary heros of football) Top!!!!! ahahahahahahahahah :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Thank you for making it a nice championship Sheffield sarnie!!!!

The Greasy Chip Butty

(tune: Annie )

You fill up my senses,

Like a gallon of Magnet,

Like a packet of woodbines,

Like a good pinch of snuff,

Like a night out in Sheffield,

Like a greasy chip butty,

Like Sheffield United,

Come fill me again,

na na na na na na


oo! oo!

Sorry to everone else ill stop breathing in my exhaust fumes and calm down!

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Two men on a desert island, with no forms of communication whatsoever. The first man said "I see Wednesday lost again" The second man looked amazed by his friends statement and said "How do you know that then" The first man said "Well it is Saturday today isn't it"


M8 (also ppl who said who?......get bent true fans are true fans...plus jock football is for no-hopers who canny play a decent game AKA Bellamy)

Earl my mate....its painful but true only one team is good inSheffield,,, and it aint the Wendys :bye: ....on a side note it may be nice to know that you boys can charge free admission next season when you in the little league!!!!! :lol:

Im smug yes and so what!!!!!! :yes:

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True fans ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Bellamy doesn't play in Jock football anymore... he couldn't handle it.. or could we not afford him??? nah! he couldn't handle it :lol:

:lol: @ sheffield wednesday joke.. but, tbh i thought sheffield wednesday was a Bank Holiday.

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All I can say is Sheffield united have managed to assemble a good team this year. Sheffield wednesday has signed a couple of duff players (such as Drissa Diallo, always crocked that player, waste of money, and when he's fit, he never has any decent form). Good luck to United this season, they've been up there at the end of the last few seasons. And lets hope wednesday stay up (BTW cheers for Kuqi a couple of seasons ago...what a traitor he turned out to be at end of season) so they don't go bust

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