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Its Been So Long!


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Since I last cleaned my car - JAE in fact (because I couldnt be bothered to for the TOC Charity meet!)

So, she basically became a right dirty biatch and today, I finally got of my bum and gave her a good clean!

I have the photographic evidence too.... although its a bit dull outside, so the Carlo Blue shine hasn't come out very well..... still gorgeous though - in all her P2 glory! :D





(Bums out!)


(Kaori & Kana, both clean & sparkly!)


(Rear View!)


(A better photo of my etched glass Yaris stickers!)


I hoped to have a new addition to the car on this weekend, but it hasn't arrived yet, so more piccies to come with "it" on! :thumbsup:

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mines filthy atm. done best part of 1000 miles in the last couple of weeks and not cleaned it since. so u can imagin the state. might clean it tomorrow if its dry. also the inside hasnt been cleaned since JAE and is full of alsorts. im sure somthin must be growing in there by now :wacko:

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oh i think you need to get weeding as well em :P

Come round and do it for me Chris.... I'm not the weeding sort (as you can tell!)

I need a gardener, a John-from-Desperate-Housewives type who I can oggle! :lol::lol:

lol not me then :P

Aww dont be silly - I'd oggle you! :thumbsup: ;)

lol :P :!Removed!:

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Top Job Dem.

I washed mine before the Tuner GP Friday night - Yes I was out till 9pm polishing it, with the security light and my portable garage floor lamp lighting the car up from different angles! :D

However, after driving round Donny with all that dust, and cathing the late night bugs on the way home yesterday, it's getting dirty again already!

At least it's clean inside now too! :D

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Hmmm would look better if the sun was out, but still, I'm proud!  :D

Would look better if it was Black :rolleyes: but hey! a nice job just the same. :thumbsup:

I can't beleive what a mucky bunch you lot are... imagine not having cleaned your cars since JAE :eek: tut tut ;) . mine (both of them) have been cleaned umteen times since JAE.

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