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Mr2 New Engine Needed, Advice?


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Hi all, a friend of Mine has a MK2 NA with a knackered eigine (has done 200,000 + miles so not too bad really!). I'm not sure whether it is a rev 1,2,3,4 etc. or which engine it has (I will find out on Thursday when I look at the car).

Does anyone know of any good reputable garages that could supply and fit a new engine (sounds like it really would be better to replace rather than recondition considering the milage) in the Bristol Area? Or further afield is neccessary?

Also what sort of cost would she be looking at - I reckon the region of £600 - £1000, but hopefully as cheap as possible, whilst obviously not sacrificing the quality of the workmanship.


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If you want to gaurentee a good quality engine and superb quality work I would recommend Fensport, you could arrange for the RAC to tow it there if a member and it "breaks down".

Could be a perfect time to join Gold and save a huge wad of money as well....

As your replacing the engine you can choose what rev you want to go in really upto you, could even put a turbo lump in if wanted :)

Just looked at there website (www.fensport.co.uk) prices as follows....

3SGTE PRE 94 Engines Low mileage Jap Import - Complete with Turbo & manifolds etc = £900

3s-gte is the turbo engine....

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Hmmm, I looked at Fensport as my first port of call, but wanted to know a little more about them first. Thanks fot that, Ill pass this information on to her. I thought about fitting a turbo engine, but then you have to change wiring looms etc. and I think it would be easier and cheaper to simply drop in a new lump and wire it all up from there.

As for gold membership, I'm planning to do this soon, but having to wait until I get my next pay cheque - insurance is up in September :( .

Cheers Matey, very helpful.

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True enough, I'll see what she thinks - If she decides to scrap it, I may offer to buy it off her for spares - not sure where I'd put it though!!

How much do you reckon it would be worth engineless

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