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Hello all, im after some help and advise. i've been thinking about buying a Celica for a while now and an just concerned over the most recent model if there are any hidden costs with the car does anyone have any bad experiences with them going wrong and costing fortunes??? do they have inherient problems i need to look out for and going to cost my pocket heavily?? would appricate if anyone can let me know before i purchase 1 i just want to be clear on everything? plus what sort of milage do you get to a full tank of fuel???

Cheers for your help.


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Hi Steve.

I had a VVTLi Gen 7 (190) for 3 and a bit years - it was a Y plate (not T).


It did have one major problem with the VVTLi system but that was fixed under warranty, and I believe the newer ones are modified to prevent that problem occuring.

Only other problem I had, as with many Toyotas & Lexus too, is that the coatings on the standard wheels are absolutely useless in our environment. I had two sets of wheels replaced after they had corroded.

Apart from that it's a great car IMHO. Nice handling, good performance and very practical.

On the whole Toyotas tend to be very reliable, and you can get extended warranty up to 7 years old at a reasonable price. I'd definitely have another one, though I think I'll maybe get an older one next time, just because I like to try different cars.

Regards, Tony

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Thanks for your coments, i am considering the most recent celica 99- probably going to try to pick up an 04 plate is this a problem on this model with the pulley wheel or on the older gt4 celica's????

Yes, I am talking about the gen 7 ('99 onwards). My mum has one. It's done 20k miles and the idler squeals like a rats nest on fire. It's been replaced at least once before under warranty. Also, one of the heat shields fell off the other week. :eek: It was pop riveted to the fuel tank. They sure don't build them as well as the '90s cars. :ph34r:

Oh yeah, keep an eye out for corrosion on the wheels as well. I think this affects both 16" and 17" wheels, but the later cars should be better.

If you go for the 190 vvtLi, you should also consider getting the 'lift' bolts replaced with the revised ones. The older ones are prone to shearing.

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