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How Often Does Your Rad Fan Come On?


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Hello everyone,

I have another small query about my 02 corolla (just bought it last week 38k miles):

I've noticed that the radiator cooling fan comes on quite often. I drive to work everyday, which takes about 50 mins. I never get badly stuck in traffic - most junctions i get stuck at the lights, and ocassionally get stuck for 2/3 light changes.

So, after the car is warmed up properly, if I get stuck in traffic for a couple of minutes, the fan will come on. This morning it was on nearly every time the car was stopped for more than 1 minute.

This doesn't seem normal to me. On my last car, I doubt the fan came on more than once a month!

Does anyone have an opinion on this? The coolant level is fine and the temp guage doesn't increase beyond its normal point. I have a 6 month warranty with the garage I bought it from so If you know of any problems that could be causing this, I'd apprecaite your help.


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Yeah i'ver noticed that on my rolla as well, i drive to work about 3miles away, and even then my fan starts up, thats before i turn the engine off.

My levels looks ok, and everything looks where it should be.

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