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Wind Noise From Wing Mirrors


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Wife's been complaining since we bought the Yaris Colour Collection from new a month or so ago. Finally got me to listen and yes there is a loud whistling noise from the drivers mirror. Bit quieter from the passenger side. Put a piece of masking tape over the join for the mirror body and the bit it sits on and the noise goes. So, to the dealer for new wing mirrors, will they say its a design fault which it probably is or it could be just a poorly fitted wing mirror of course?

Anyone else had this? You can just about hear it with the window shut but thats not the point. Once you know its there you can hear it all the time.

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A few of us have had the same problem.

I've done a search for you and these links may help :thumbsup:


link 2

I've also got a PM which would help but I'd have to ask Yves first if I can forward it. Blue, can you ask him for me please?

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Any chance you could forward the PM to me aswell, the whistling from my mirrors is finally getting on my nerves now.


As I said I'll have to wait for permission first from Yves who kindly sent it to me. As soon as he says ok, I'll send it on mate.

Theres an easy fix with a bit of adhesive felt that all dealers should know about

Slid in the right place will fix

New mirrors will not fix ! ;)

New mirrors will :yes: In fact, it's the new mirrors on the P2 Yaris that seem to be the problem. Didn't have this on my P1.

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Thanks chaps.

I'll wait for the PM. See where you mean for the draft excluder.

Only other complaint my wife has is with the road noise. She's getting used to that but I reckon its a mix of the Michelin tyres and less insulation than they could have put in. Trouble is with the quiet engine every noise is "magnified" so to speak. Her old, but reliable, Punto was full of squeaks, rattles and engine noise compared to the Yaris. Take away the engine noise, squeaks and rattles and you hear evrything else. Thought about changing tyres but its way to soon, only 2 months old, and when I drive it I just don't think its a problem.

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Blue's not about this weekend Al - shes gone to see the man in question himself so I doubt you'll get a reply on that til Monday mate!

It does appear to be a common problem - never experienced it myself though!

I thought that may be the case. Ok, for the time being, you need something like draught excluder or a felt pad attached to the part of the mirror housing that reveals itself when the mirror is folded toward the window.. Mine is temporarily fixed with a load of double-sided sticky foam pads. I'll get around to a more permanent job when I next visit B&Q. :thumbsup:

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Your Toyota dealer will fix it under warranty.......................there is a service bulletin for it.

I had mine done a couple of months back, They fasten a draught strip packer in the mirror joint............and it works :thumbsup:

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