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Hello ppl,

(Todays rambling thoughts).

Just came back from a week in sunny Wales and the ol` Rolla did us proud, never missed a beat.

However.....The roads there are bleedin` awful and I really wished I`d taken my stock AE92 instead of the lower and stiffer one. Said beastie is about 30mm lower and xx% stiffer and looks cool as hell but I really think it`s the worst handling one I`ve owned (I`m on my fourth). On nice dry smooth roads it handles like a go kart i.e. point it anywhere at any speed and it gets you there, but how often does that happen? Not a lot. The reality is that you clip a manhole/drain cover/bump/ripple/ding/dent/hedgehog/whatever and go scudding off on a wild understeer ride into the scenery. Throw in a bit of damp and some modest 205/50/15 tyres and it gets even worse. With the wider than stock wheel/tyre everyone who has driven mine has always called it very twitchy, and one of the first things I did when I got it was to change back to stock wheels. Not as trendy looking but it really has improved the handling. I know a lot of you guys out there nail on huge wheels/tyres with super low profiles but how you live with the thing day to day is beyond me. Function over fashion anytime for me.

My car now needs new anti roll bar bushes at the back (knock knock) and one of the rear shocks has started to leak a bit of Oil. And three of my teeth seem a bit loose. Oh well.

Don`t get me started on noisy K&N filters and loud exhausts that put you in the drone zone at 80mph..... :(

Anyway, ramble over for now....

Comments? Agree/disagree?


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Interesting as mine really handles 100% better fro the mods i've done, although my mods were done via major suspension experience but mostly consists of lowered from -30mm lowered rear -15mm harder rear coils, softer front and 17's wrapped in 40 profile tyres.

it handles really well under normal fast road conditions on any road but... push it and the BACK will step out and you can drift calmly round bends knowing it wont bite back

I think that just bolting stuff on because its availble is the wrong thing to do, you need to get your weight, balance and pitch right for everything to work together and not detract from the car's handling.

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You say a lot on this forum are into 'Big Wheels', I have to disagree, I don't really like anything bigger than 16inch on my vehicles and a lot of the time prefer 14inch, many fellow members will agree with me.

In fact this year I have been to many vehcile shows/transport festivals and from what i've seen the 'Big Wheels' such as 17,18 19+ (which were no doubt encouraged by rubbish such as 'Pimp my Ride' or Sad 'n' Sour Magazine (M*x P*w*r) etc.) are few a far between. This year from what I saw the Modified scene seams to be going for 14inch but wider (i'e 8inch wide).

Also I have to agree with Unity Jon stated, one must be careful as one modifies. It's no good banging performance goodies to an already worn suspension.

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