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Is It A Gl Or Gs


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can someone help i pick up my previa in about 4 weeks .but one thing is niggling at me.

on the car it is marked gl , but the garage says the paper say its a gs. could this just ba a mistake by dvlc during ownership changes when they made out the new papers or is it something i should look into further.

the garage is a newish garage mabe been on the go for 2 years but has no dealership, but at the same time isnt really a small garage . what do you think .

anyone heard of such a mistake before ?. <_<

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If it says it on the logbook (which it may not do, depends what papers you're talking about) then I'd say it is a GS. My car had some SE badges on it when I bought it so I thought it was an SE but there was no sign of it on the logbook, turns out that the last owner must have put them on, maybe the same thing has happened.

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Looking at the spec would help you know.....? maybe?  I know the one i drive is a gx because its an auto and has 2 single seats in the centre row, just like the front seats, that swivel 180 degress to face the back seats.

Look into the specs and you should find out.

Ok thanks , ill mabe have a mosey down to the main dealer and see if they can shed some light. :)

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