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AC smell


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About 10 months ago I treated my AC for fungal smells, it's back again now so I will treat it again. Is this normal on the Corolla, I had an Avensis for about 15 yes and never had any smells problems

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There is a thread about this 'live' at the moment on the Yaris forum.   I know because I have been posting on it...    Starts with question about whether a/c service is necessary after 2 years. 

You may find it worth a read although it's more about prevention than cure.   The only thing that I will repeat from there is that I am sure that I have read, probably on the HJ website, that running the heating at max heat, high fan speed, for 15 mins is as effective as a sanitiser spray in killing the bacteria that cause the smell.   I have never tried it so I can't say if it works, but I can see some sense in it.

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I have been doing high heat bacteria cleaning in my cars  since a decade ago. You can also add a little spray of dettol through the air intake near Wiper Blades gutter and replace cabin filter after that and do so every 10k miles. Set the havc  in auto mode with ac on permanently and only change the temperature if ever needed., the rest the car will take care off and you won’t have any issues. Smelly hvac systems usual happens when ac been used from time to time, and or when no heating been used during winter, anything  less than 20C° or havc been off and you use the car . 

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