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Corolla G6r


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Hi guys,

Thinking of selling my Corolla G6R as i am wanting a newer car, the spec and some pictures can be found in my garage and she is now on just over 77k. Iv just had the MOT done last week and a service is on the way, the service book is full stamped up, all by toyota up to me owning her and iv had the servicing done by my uncle at his garage.

Any questions or offers drop me a PM and il get back to you. :thumbsup:



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You could have sold her a couple of months earlier!  :(

I would have defo had it!

sorry to hear your selling it  :crybaby:

T x

Sorry chic, but you have a sweet mr2 now that you wouldnt have had if you bough mine ;)


*hides post from Nick*

You have a pm love ;)

:lol: Cheers rach, Sent you one back :thumbsup:

Have you got a certain fgure you're expecting Firthy?

Yeah 10k :lol: Im not sure to be honest id like to think i could get about 4k but maybe im just dreaming, so not sure depends what people are prepared to pay :thumbsup:

Seeing as though they are very rare and hardly come up for sale, so are a collectors item :lol: ;) Is the schpeel working?? :ph34r:

Alrite Firthy you mad hardened drinker? :P

What you getting next? :huh:

Anyway, I'll shut up now, I'm not interested in the car! :thumbsup:

Alright mate, who you calling a mad hardened drinker?? :rolleyes: Cant be me, i didnt drink at jae :P

Im more than likely going to get *whispers....mini cooper s :arrgg-matey:


Scott :thumbsup:

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About £1100 F/C - that was with Elephant.

Can't remember whether I listed the mods or not though. :D

Don't suppose that's too bad. 21yr old, 1 yrs driving experience, 0NCB, 1 claim, sister on policy, parked on driveway, 12K miles a year L&C, in village with near 0 crime rate, etc...

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:lol:  Cheers mike, sell yours and buy mine  :lol:  :thumbsup:

i've only had it a month! :lol:

couldnt afford yours now anyways, sorry mate, you shouldnt have any problem selling it, i found that out when i was looking for one a while back!

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i have seen this car and its welll nice and in great condition :thumbsup:

Cheers mate, buy it :lol:

Yo Firthy,

hows things - i'll have it off you - at the right price of course.. :) :thumbsup:



Hey up bud, iv sent you a PM back :thumbsup:

Sorry to hear you're selling up Scott.

I can assure you the previous owner looked after this car exceptionally well  :yes:

If you don't know an answer to any questions, give me a shout   :thumbsup:


Yeah wanting a newer car mate, and why lie Jo? It was in a right state when i bought it off you :lol: :P Just kidding, it was absolutely pristine condition ;)

And cheers, i will give you a shout if i get stuck :thumbsup:


Oh and i have just had a service done this weekend, Oil change and new Oil filter fitted :thumbsup:

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