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Uk Online - Broadband


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Okay, i've been with Freeserve/wanadoo broadband for 3 years or so - just chatted with them about moving house, it'll cost £25 and take 20 days!! Oh, and if i want to upgrade to 1Mb or above, i get a download limit!

whereas, i can cancel straightaway - and most ISP's offer free setup etc nowadays...

UK Online look good and have no download limit 2Meg service for less than i pay today!

I was wondering if anyones used them and if they are any good?

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I've got the 8meg service with them.

This is how I would rate them:

Actual service: 6/10

Customer Service: 1/10

Their DNS server have been !Removed! up for months (easy fix just use external DNS servers - but it's not the point they know about it so why not fix it??)

If you do have a problem you have to wait atleast an hour to speak to someone (on an 0845 number) Try ringing the support line and press number 2 (option for having had bb for a while) and see how long you wait.

Having said that they do have two departments, if you press 1 instead they answer straight away but unfortunatley you get some dipstick who knows nothing and ends up putting you through to the advanced team (aka number 2)

I can't moan about the speeds etc, I can get an average of 800KB/s over 1 hour which has got to be good :thumbsup:

The only company with worse customer support that I have been with is Bulldog (NEVER AGAIN!!)

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Forgot to say UKonline have the following usage restrictions (might just be the 8mb package??)

500GB /month Download Limit (should be plenty and they currently have no way to monitor it)

You can't run a server on port 80 or 23? (whatever mail is). But obviously you can run a webserver on any other port!

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Freeola :thumbsup:

im getting up to 2.5mb for £20 a month :thumbsup:

They offer a MAX service, flat rate and you get the best connection speed that your line will take. Mate of mine also has same ISP and he is getting almost 2mb, where i live (close to exchange) im getting connected at between 2.1-2.5mb :thumbsup:

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I just had a look at eclipse broadband - they seem to have nice offers!

Eclipse Service is top noch...i was with them untill i moved house, i had to change service provider as they could not supply me with there service to my new house so i had to go with Pipex internet wich is also good....but id recomend eclipse first though.

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