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Now Whats Happend?


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Right I was driving home down the M-way about 10 mins ago. I slipped the car into 4th and boosted! a few seconds later the was a jolt and a plume of smoke out the @rse end. Now the turbo won't boost AT ALL!!!

Has my turbo given up the ghost and finnaly died?? Or could it be something else??

I had a quick look (cos it's dark) useing torch light in the engine bay, and couldn't see any pipes that have come off.

Any ideas??? :help::help::help:

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Temper tantrum!!-----¬


Not a clue what colour the smoke was, due to it being dark. All I could see was a stupid Saxo's headlights disappear briefly into a cloud of smoke.

My 2 now seems to have less power than my Diesel!!!

I can't hear it spinning up at just under 3k!!

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Right. I've had the intake hoses off and the impeler seems to move round when I push it with my finger (althought not freely), I took a photo and it seems to be intact. Maybe the properler was obliterated, hence the jolt (as tho i'd lifted off the throttle quickly on full boost) and then that plume of smoke out the back end.

That would make sense wouldn't it? If the propeler isn't really there any more, then the impeler won't spin up cos it's on the same shaft and works off the propeler!

Yes, no, maybe??

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What about the other propeller (exhaust side) ? There are two inside a turbo.... the exhaust prop powers the air intake prop.....

I've only looked at the intake side. How do you actually remove the turbo from the manifold?? Looks like a pig of a job!

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