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East Midlands Airport


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Prebooked a carpark space on the net......received nothing through the post, should I? Do you just roll up and pull in a space knowing that youve paid? Whats the crack? Havent flown from here for a while as you can tell lol.


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Are you in the long stay?

You'll need a reference number from your booking. Last time I flew from there you got a little car park ticket as you went through the barrier.

You get the courtesy bus back to airport (the long stay is now about 2 miles from the airport so allow plenty of time).

Then on return from holdiay you take your reference number and your the ticket to the pay booth where they authorise it.

Bus back to carpark, then you use the ticket to raise the barrier.

Not joking about the distance - you're almost parked at Donington Racetrack.

PS - could have saved you the parking if you had said - park at my house and I'll drive you to the Airport. (assuming your flight isn't in the middle of the night!).

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Use them all the time. ;)

There are two types of parking, one where you drive to reception hand your keys over and they park it, or you park it yourself and catch the bus that circles round (remember your parking bay number!!!)

You have to get a ticket from the entrance to open the barrier then either park up or go to reception.

Make sure you get the right parking zone for the terminal you are flying from or you will have a loooong walk :yes:

You will need a validation number to give to reception or to get out of the car park. :thumbsup:

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What at EMA Les? There's only one terminal there.

The long stay used to be reasonably near the airport a few years back, and now it's miles away. For a while that car park did have a valet park section, but last time I was there (a few months ago) they'd done away with that and the whole of the long stay was park it yourself (which personally I prefer as don't like handing my keys over to someone else to park it for me).


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