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Coil Pack?


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Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new to workin on cars, but I still thought I'd jump right in. I have a 1999 Corolla (Manual trans), and it doesn't have a tach. The engine runs pretty quiet, so it's really hard to tell how fast the engine's going based on sound. I really want to know just how hard my engine's cranking, so I bought a Tachometer.

The tach came with full instructions on how to install, but only indicated where to install it for a distributor ignition (my car is distributorless).

I called my friend and he said that there might be a wire on the coilpack, but doesn't know how my exact car is set up.

I have a multimeter, and my friend said to look for a wire with between 1 and 5 volts when the car's idling, but I don't know where the coilpack is located. Any help? Thanks in advance.


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You can use your J1962 connector ( Diagnostic port behind coin tray ).

This will carry a pulse from your ignition circuit. Not too sure which position in connector, but is usually Black/white in colour.

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