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St185 Head Gasket


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hi all need some help!

my st185 needs a new head gasket on it and i got a new gasket for it but need it fitting!

i have all the tools needed to change it but wasnt sure apart from the head gasket what elts i needed, e.g. cam belts ect,

Also how easy it is to do it?

i know how to take the intercooler off and everything to get to the engine but what about things like cams being reset ect please help me as a garage i asked about it were going to charge me £600 in labor alone when my dada me and my mate will do it my dad has some experience in changing head gaskets ect.

any help would be nice.

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go onto Amazon and buy the chiltons manual, it's the closest thing to a haynes for the GT4

you need to also replace:

head studs (the origional ones are the stretch type so cant be re-used)

hydrolic tensioner

i'd also get the pullies

water pump (go to a motor factors and get one from blue print)

rocker cover gasket

inlet and exhaust gaskets

new cam belt

think that everything,

it's not an easy job, well not for a novice, as an engine mount needs taken off and there is not very much room at all.

the chiltons should have everything else you need to know

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Get the head gasket set from toyota and it comes with every gasket and o-ring you will need. It also comes with replacement stem seals, which it would be prudent to use whilst you have the head off.

The main difficult part is getting access around the cam belt gubbins at the front of the engine.

Make sure you have a perfectly clean and degreased surface on the block and head faces when reassembling. If in any doubt get the c/head refaced and checked for flatness.

I think you can reuse the head bolts ONCE, but any further rebuilds require new ones. I reused mine, but you might want to get new ones as a matter of course.

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