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T-sport Headlights?


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had a t-sport bumper added to my d4d yaris. So need the headlights to add as i have two empty holes in the bumper.

Went to toyota, they can only give me the bulbs (120 pounds in total), no wires etc because there normal t-sports come connected up

I think i need a kit? with the plastic casing etc to fit the bulb in, does anyone know where i can get the kit from.

My car is a 2003 d4d yaris with a 2003 added front bumper.


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if your on about the fogs the dealer is being a lazy timewaster!

of course you can get the wiring! the cars have a generic loom and all the add ons just plug in

look under the lid behind the left hand headlamp, youll see an unconnected plug... thats for the fogs

all you need is the loom, but it also goes to the fuse/relay box and dont forget the column stalk aswell ;)

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yes they can get all OE parts

i mean the stalk on the steering column, unless you got std foggys then you wont have th OE switch unless you install some form of dash mounted item?

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Theres a hole for the fog light switch to the right of the steering wheel!

The filled in panel just to the left of where the rear fog switch is and mirror controls!

Ive seen them fitted to non TS yaris with front fogs!

This should be alot cheaper than buying a whole new stalk!

CB :thumbsup:

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