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Brake Delema


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A few weeks ago my Rev3 went in for a rather expensive "A" Service at

my local MrT. They found some serious brake issues some of which (the

rears) were resolved at the time and now I need to resolve the fronts

and I am at a delema...

Basically I was told that the front pads need changing and the discs

need "skimming". I do not understand why they would want to skim the

discs? Is this even practical? Why not replacement discs that I would

assume be needed rather than skimming them?

The short of it all is I have been quoted (By MrT) 200 odd quid (£102 for the pads fitted alone) to have this done or £290 with a new disc (yes you read right... one - not

both!!!) and stock pads. I get a 15% discount being a club member. Remember the rear pads only costed £70 all in plus the discount. <_<

For a laugh I thought I would try Mr Clutch for a quote :o They advised

two new discs and pads for £260 all in but no discount. This is not a

bad reflection on MrT's pricing even though they only quoted for one


Would it be more viable to get uprated discs and pads from say

Fensport and fit them myself (even thought I know not what I am

doing)? Or should I fork out more and get it done by MrT (to keep the

FTSH? What is needed to do all this work myself? How safe is it

messing with ones own brakes? I know this may sound silly to a lot of

you but I have never had to do this before and my brakes are what

stop me!!!LOL

Sorry this is so long! And before anyone says anything, I also posted this on an MR2 Forum (IMOC) for varied advice ;)

Garrick (System-G)

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Cool my brakes are bitching (squealing badly) at me. Two weeks ago they were at 30% now i think they may be more to metal :wacko: LOL Lets just hope they last till after !Removed! ;)

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I ordered discs and pads from Brakes International on Wednesday, they were delivered to my work address on Thursday all for less than £90 :lol:

Both front discs and pads were replaced successfully today in less than 70 minutes B) Motoring without squeeling everytime you touch the brake pedal is such a pleasure :D

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