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Scrambled Channels On Freeview

jay dh

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just got freeview and some of the channels when browsing have a 'key' by their name and say scrambled channel.  is it possible to get around this?



If it's a key then I reckon there the top-up-tv channels which you have to pay for like the discovery channel, bloomberg etc.

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yes you can get around this, im currently looking into it - will pm you when i get the info  :thumbsup:

Are you sure mate???

I was pretty sure the UK stuff was still one of the best encoded systems and they hadn't got round it yet? You can buy a digi box and a special areial which let you pick up english channels from abroad (where they have weaker encryption) but I was under the impression you had to have a huge areial for that???

Drop me in on the PM if you get any info though :thumbsup:

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