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Pride Comes Before A Fall.


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I was reading the Sunday Times motoring section about a month or so ago. :bookworm:

Inside Jeremy clarkson was testing the new S-class Mercedes with all the bells and whistles.

He then went on to state that all future technology was usually first seen in the S-Class and that as Mercedes Benz had not any plans to invest in Hybrid technology then that technology must be a lame duck :eek:

Oh the joy a few weeks later when it was announced in the same motoring supplement that Mercedes WOULD be investing in Hybrid tech!!! :lol:

Conclusive proof that god has a sense of Humour :thumbsup:

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Gone are the days Mercedes were leaders in quality and technology. The dreaded bean counters seem to have taken control from the engineers.

My dad was going to buy a Merc until he tried one. Ended up with a Lexus.

Mr Clarkson makes a great comedian but his automotive judgement seems to be lacking...he is the man who bought the Ford GT40 at enormous expense only for it to spend most of it’s time in the garage. It seem the man is motivated by badges/labels rather than facts. :yes:

Further proof that God has a sense of humour is that Luton exists :D

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Kate Moss bumps into Jeremy Clarkson. Doesn't know who he is.

KM: Who are you?

JC: I'm Jeremy, I do "Top Gear"

KM: Fantastic! I'll have four grams ...

Just about on topic! :lol:


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