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Strange Acceleration

Dave Beast

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i have a corolla AE82 1986 1.6 Auto hatch for about 3 months now my car starts up so bad in the morning i cleaned out the carby with CRC which got the auto choke working again for few days now it is not working i replaced my fuel pump and filter and a recent Oil change. but now i weird problem has come up when i start the car up in the morning it takes the usual 5-10 min to warm up and idle properly but when i left my street to go on a main road i noticed the car was hardly moving at all so i pushed my the accelerater all the way down and the car was not reving about 1900rpm and it took me about 27 seconds to reach 60KPH so i kept driving for about 10 min then suddenly the car revved itself to about 6000rpm and the car worked fine for the rest of the day no problems then the next day it happend all over again. its happing every morning now. also the cold start up problems started happen when i started using BP Ultimate 98 ron. just ask if u want better explanation. could someone please tell me what might be going wrong "sorry if i havent explained it all the good"

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