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Simply Gutted


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:arrgg-matey: :crybaby: :arrgg-matey: :censor: :angry:

Went out yesterday morning to go to work, go round the car to get in and some little mother :censor: ing w :censor: r has keyed the whole length of my baby. Not one panel, but from the rear lights all the way to the front lights, to make it worse they got a bit abstract towards the front and started to go a bit wavy ( is this originality? Should I appreciate his artistic flare?! ) . Anyway, now that I’ve calmed down a bit from the initial shock and blinding rage, i can see that its not quite as horrific as I first thought, though it is still quite deep at the back of the car. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do now, i don't really want to claim ( she's a '95 and I need to build my no-claims ) can anyone advise any mobile repair units that would service in Edinburgh, i can take care of the front door onwards as it's quite light from there on ( they’re puny muscles must’ve run out of steam after half a metre's worth of work!! ) but the back panel looks a bit tougher.

To be honest a bit of sympathy would be nice too, also, does the uncontrollable feeling of rage go away at all?! I'm sick of blood squirting from my eye when i think about it!!

Worst bit is I have absolutely no idea who would've done it - just a random attack that's the gutting bit.

Cheers guys. And may your panels remain untouched and pure :thumbsup:

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Was just having a look through the forum and came across my old post!!!!

Man i was peed of :censor: !! Just last week i went at the car with a chipstick, i'd covered the entire scratch with vaseline till now - which kept any moisture/ice getting into it since i've had no time to restore it recently - took bloomin ages :crybaby: to get the stuff off but it preserved it nicely.

Anyway, it took most of the day and into the night with a torch ( bout 2am - Girlfriend NOT happy) but im V V V V happy with the result, took many, many layers, but can't see it at all now ( bare in mind it was a deep slash down the whole car! ). V happy indeed after seeing a friends "professional" scratch repair which looks awful and cost a bomb.

The only thing is, after id sorted the scratch, i went the whole hog with the wax and she sparkles like a gem now, and now im worried i've made her even more of a target - i'l just have to go a few country runs to mess her up a bit!!

Cheers guys, and again, may your panels remain untouched. :yes:


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