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Jnstalling Head Unit


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Hey all!

im having great difficulties trying to work out what wire is what in the camry. I have taken out the factory tape deck/radio. And it has left me with a connection for the electric antenna, and 2 plastic plugs. They must contain the speaker wire connections, Battery connections and ground. Problem is, i don't know what wire is what. How would i go about working this out? Does anybody have a wiring diagram for the 1999 Camry Conquest.

Regards, brendan

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Easiest solution is to get an adaptor lead. this plugs into the car original connectors and has standard ISO connectors on the other end to fit direct to your new head unit.

Follow this link to the Autoleads web site: http://www.autoleads.co.uk/product/more_in...t=false&id=2664

Should be available in Halfords or any car audio shop.

(Sadly this didn't work on a 1990 Camry, but I just fed new speaker wires right through to all four Speakers, ignoring the vehicles own wiring. Takes a little more work!)

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