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Dear Fellow Toyota Owners


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Dear fellow owner I (my father) owns a Corolla 1.3XL, 2E-E engine, katalytic, purchased in 1991. I know it is old by it has proven it's trustworthiness so since I will be using it for the following years I thought I could improve it a little. I was thinking at :sports air filter, Iridium spark plugs, high performance spark plug wires, muffler, high preformance brake lines and brake pads, lowering springs 25mm and sports shock absorbers, sports clutch disk and clutch cover. I also thought about light weight engine wheels, but I am almost convinced that I won't find for my model. I was looking in general for easy ways to reach about 100HP from its current 82HP.

Any suggestions from your behalf will be more than welcome. Thank you for your time. Good drining. With respect Dimitris :bye:

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Or alternatively, spend £650 and buy my Corolla Gti of me with 120+bhp!


Thank you for your swift reply. I will keep up my hunting for ways to improve it. Buying another car is anyway out of the question. :bye:

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i'm afraid they are right the amount of money you are going to have to spend just on bits alone nevermind the time or labour charges will out weigh the price of buying a GOOD gti.......

trust me i know been upgrading and restoring my toyota for years might as well have gone out and bought something in the region of a K or L reg celica for the amount of money i have pilled into her :group-cuddles: :thumbsup:

sorry mate just friendly advise :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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try the new corolla 1.6 ( 110bhp )

My mother has the auto 1.6 corolla in dark metallic grey - great car and quick too for an auto

nice interior plus spec . confortable to sit in good driving position and good handling ( got 195/65/15 ´s ( or is it 16 ´s)


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