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Removing A Starter From Na '87 Supra


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Is there any tips on removing the top bolt that holds the starter in place? Car will only "pop" start. Had problem starting 3 years ago, but because of no place to work on car I was just able to clean the connectors to the starter, seemed to fix the problem until two weeks ago.

How can I check the relay (easier than removing starter)?

About how long should it take to remove the starter?


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pretty easy.... remove the lower cross member brace thingy... dicinnect the batter, disconnect the terminals and use an extension bar with wobber tips to undo the bolts....

just be glad its not an auto!!!

Does you car have an starter inhibiting imobiliser??? easy way to check? put a spade connector ontoa length of wire, clip theis connector into where the Thin wire goes to the starter....

tap it on the Battery +ve.... is bypasses all the cars eletronics and sends a direct feed to the solenoid...

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Karma, thank you for your help. Too bad I didn't check the forum untill after I removed the starter. An other question, I took the starter to the local auto parts store, they tested it out and said it's fine. Before removing it used to make a "clicking" sound but stoped a few days ago. Also put in a new relay! Can the starter be the problem (good on bench but bad with load)? What are other things I can check.

Don't want to "pop" start the car anymore, and need it to get to work!

Thanks for your help.

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yup. same problem I had.. sounds like the thin solenoid wire is not carrying the full current...

quick fix??? plug that wire into a relay, and use the realy to flick the solenoid straigt from the Battery, if you follow....

I used to find my car wouls start fine when it was cold, but aftera run, try asn restart and you just get "click click" Being an auto I was totally at the mercy of my starter motor!!!!!!

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one more thing, my car has the Anti-Theft starter inhibiting imobiliser (alarm). Can this cause anything? Also read about the clutch switch, if it insn't "made" the car can not be turned on. ever notice anything with this? where is it located?

will try the relay befor the solenoid, can I just mount it anywhere?

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Now that's what I need :lol:

Sounds expensive though!

Any accserory relay will do!!!!! just the usual motorfactors ones will do I used a 20 amp one.... I will write up a "how too" guide for my website at some point!!!!

AS for starter inhibitors.. YES!!!!!!! That is what caused the problem on mine!!!! I think out cars use a fairly large current to operate the solenoid... the current causing the alarms relay contacts to oxidise, making the relays resistance higher, and not leaving enough energy to plunge the plunger properly!!! (but enough to flicka second relay)

I would be interested to hear from everyone else with this problem... so far 100% of the cars I have seen with it have a starter inhibiting imobiliser!

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