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****yaris Kicks The Ass Of A 206cc*** Pics

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The Yaris TS is a hardcore hatchback. :D

I dont believe that you can compare these photos and cars.

A friend of mine had a 206cc he pushed really hard when we stopped and get off the car it had a smell of oil burning!!!

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Nice pics jonhy can you please post some irl meets that you have been to on the thread that i put on the club meets section :thumbsup:

Come on you euro members please show us your meets that you have been to :thumbsup:

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The YTS is a well planted car. Sticks very well and it's quite hard to get into trouble like the poor 206 drivers.... :yes:

My front Bridgestone Potenzas were bald within 14K miles. These Yokos have lasted well and still have a decent amount of tread at 30K miles.

This makes me think that the factory fit Potenzas are a made of a softer rubber compound to aid grip. In the Auto Express YTS review in early 2001 (the one that made up my mind to buy the car), compared to the 206xsi & Ibiza 'sport', the YTS had the narrowest tires but the best grip.

I'm due for a new set of tires in the next few months, I'm looking for a good balance of cost/grip/wear. The Yokos are OK but I think I can do better for the money. Any suggestions?

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I've heard and read great things about the Firestone FH-SZ40's.

There is a german tyre review site with a number of opinions on almost every make and model you can think of.

The FH-SZ40 received the highest score for summer tyres out of all the others available.

See for yourselves. www.reifentest.com

You can translate the page if you need to here: http://babelfish.altavista.com/

I know I'll be buying them soon...

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In answer to GRAMACAR ´s post

Yeah , the new 180 bhp 206 would be a different story .

In fact it must be lethal as the old one was twitchy enough . i ve heard of many wrecks that involved 206 gti because inexperienced drivers or drivers that try to chuck it around just cant handle them . Not hard to imagine when you consider a 2 litre lump in the front of a car that is only around 900 - 950 KG :o

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