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Trouble With Electronic Accelerator?


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I have a new 1.6 manual coupé, bought just last spring. I realize that when changing speeds rather fast (not extreme driving, just for example like when you are going to overtake and you accelerate and then change to next speed quickly), electronic accelerator doesn´t work fast enough and when you press the clutch, the car is still accelerating and then rpm turn up because no speed has been selected in this moment. It doesn´t happen if you change slower. Also if your are driving at constant speed and sudden stop accelerating, for a while car still accelerates until the order of non-accelerating seems to arrive to the engine.

I have a volvo v-70 which also has electronic accelerator and it doesn´t have this problem. Nevertheless I read in volvo forum that some old v70 models used to have this same problem, that was caused by an unefficient electronic reguator, which needed to be changed.

I cannot believe Toyota may had produced such an slow and few accurate gear box, and I think this may be a matter of electronic acc. What´s your opinion? Has anybody founded this problem?

I went to the mechanic 2 months ago and they told me they didn´t find anything strange on my car. I was sure my explanations didn´t arrive properly to the mechanic (a receptionist takes notes of what you tell him and he submits it to the mechanic department) and that they had just tought i was a kind of car maniac who drived crazily. So, I went back last week and asked in the repection to directly talk to the mechanic. I personally explained him the problem and also asked him to have a drive in my car. This time he saw the problem (when i told him to change faster) and now they at least have understood the problem and no longer think this is due to an unappropiate driving, as they suggested the first time.

I would appreciate any comment or opinion. Thanks a lot.

Alvaro Fernandez. Spain

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