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Anyone Gone Through The Small Claims Court?


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I succesfully took somebody to court many years ago for not paying after a car accident.

It's probably changed a little since then but I went right through the process from initial notification to pre-trial hearing then finally into court (without any legal assistance) :thumbsup:

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I nearly took an ex-landlady to the small claims court a couple of years ago. Then it would have cost around £35. You can get most of it done online.

First you have to have made an effort to resolve the dispute. Write to the other party (registered post) and try to reach agreement.

If that doesn't work, go to the County Court website, fill in the form and get them to send effectively a summons.

I guess you'll get 10-15mins in court to state your case. Instant verdict, job done one way or the other. If the other party doesn't turn up, you win by default.

My campaign came unstuck at the first hurdle when the other party refused to accept my registered letter. If I'd gone to court I very much doubt she would have turned up. The downside was that she didn't have any money to pay me with anyway. I suppose I could have asked the court to send baliffs, but for £240 I decided I didn't want to go that far.


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