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Hatch Gas Struts


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On opening the tailgate hatch door (boot) it partialy opens, and then I have to physicaly lift it to fully open, once open it remains in place, is this normal or do the gas struts need replacing, my pevious car (Focus) needed no assistance, due for a 20,000 service end of Jan and still under warranty, opinions requested before confronting Mr T.

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did you try oiling it a bit with WD-40!?!?

If you really think that the shock needs replacing...all you have to do is take it off & try opening it manually....if you manage to open it with your bare hands, replace it....cause last time I changed mine I had to stand on it and ask my dad to help me pull it out! :)

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I have the same problem with the struts on my Celica T-Sport. I've checked I have the right struts fitted (as with a spoiler they're supposed to have "SP" on them) and they're ok.

But I have to lift the boot up rather than moving it and it going the rest of the way itself.

I too have a 20k service booked in Jan., so I'll be asking them about it aswell.

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Ok boyz lets just end this now. Boot struts ............... boot struts ........... who cares if i can lift it with my little finger!

does it hold the boot up ??? sweet its cool.

if you have a new car..... is it hard to lift the boot (since you as weak as a 5yr old) then ask them to change the struts under warranty.

toyota suck up to new new car owners (less than three year or so) since they are mostly going to buy the new model of the same good car they have had for the past fw years.

So please .. worry about the Oil yuor car useds up every few hundred miles or the poor mpg and the funny noises that your shocks make. NOT BOOT STRUTS...

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