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Koni Suspension Deals


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alright chaps,

fairly new to the forum so like to say hello, ok, thats that out the road..


I've got my self a 52 plate t-sport 'rolla in storm grey , nice car and was chosen over a type-r (2k less ) now although the type-r has 200 bhp, handles better and is jazzed to the max, as standard i was wondering just what is available for the t-sport for the 2k difference?<>?<>?<>?

after heavy testing of mines i feel that it lacks in the suspension/traction and general stability dept, things that would improve this (and others) could be the likes of

Strut brace front

strut brace rear

uprated n >35 mm suspension

rear anti roll bar kit

bushes (power flex?)

Muffler for that silly , Your in reverse beep!!!

after phoning n the like, Koni SSK 175 kit seems to be the right one, for a 3 door manual 1.8 189 bhp 02 , prices are just stupid, from 495 down to 295

is there anyone that actually specialises in toyota and koni in UK ?

any help will be much respected...

cheers :group-cuddles:

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is just got new springs ,ill let u know how i get on with them !

Hi Im new in this forum and apologise if Im not quite as good as you other guys in english. My excuse is thath im from Sweden ;)

To the subject i have a T sport 03 and have TTE lowering springs they are aproximetly 35mm lover than stock spring. The car handels mutch better because they are hardet but next thing in the cristmaslist are new shocks and some kind of chip that changes the camtiming so it lift at lower revs. I have searched everywhere whith out any good luck. I Put my luck to UK there seems to be mutch more corollas and stuff over there. Kind Regards Uffe from Sweden If U know anything about any good tuning posibilities plz msg me.

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I understand the following:

30mm lowering TTE (Eibach) springs are ~25% stiffer than standard ones (1.4-1.6lt Corollas ?), making a reasonable upgrading.

Bilstein B8 sprint shocks are shorter and ~10% stiffer than standrd ones and are sold with 1 year warantee.

Koni shocks are adjustable from standard to 100%? stiffness increase, but have no warantee for their use (at least in Greece).

Toyota standard shocks have 100.000km warantee!

Shocks are worn rapidly, especially the rear ones. Wear variations should soon overcome any small initial performance differences, such as 10%.

Thus, I suggest you to keep using the standard ones, at least if they are covered by warantee. And for a meaningful suspension upgrading you should go for coilovers covered by a reasonable warantee.

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