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Lots of parts for sale at very low prices.....CHECK IT OUT

All brand new and ready to ship. I have plenty of references as I am new to this forum. I work for a Toyota dealership and need to sell our excess inventory

1992-1996 Camry 4dr window regulators with motors

LH-#69220-32110 $100.00

RH-#69210-32110 $100.00

1997-2002 Camry stabilizer links

RH-#48820-06030 $35.00

LH-#48810-06030 $35.00

1987-1989 Camry FRONT lower control arms

48640-32040 $90.00 (I have six)

48620-32040 $90.00(I have six)

22R/22RE Timing Chain Kits Complete(i have 3)

$65.00 each or $150.00 for all 3

I have lots of Idler Bearings(for timing belts) for all motors

All prices include shipping in the US only

If interested can sell everything at one price

Will include a list if needed

I can be reached at 954-445-7309 or IRADTOY@aol.com



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